Some of the most glamorous and striking films of all time are about gambling. Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Sensation takes great risks, and loses everything, or wins big in the rain of coins and chips. Put on your best poker face, take a break from a good game at joker388 and enjoy one of the films about gambling and casino.

The films in this list all have stories about gambling, in one way or another. Is that building a strategy to get a big score in Vegas, like at Ocean’s Eleven. Or detailing every aspect of being the owner of one of the money-making businesses like in the film Martin Scorsese, Casino.

This list has films about gambling and all-time casinos including that depict how players hustle, win, and lose. There are more to these movies than just depiction of gambling. It’s more about the depiction of life and the characters’ struggles.  Read more and choose your favorite gambling film or choose a movie that you think is very good.

Gambling And Casino Films You Should Watch

Rounders (1998)

1998 American drama about high betting poker in the basement. Director – John Dahl, stars Matt Damon and Edward Norton. The film is about two friends who have to earn cash rather quickly through poker games because it is enough to repay the debt they owe. The title “Rounders” is the term for people traveling from one city to the other searching for high-stake games.

Casino (1995)

Martin Scorsese’s 1995 American drama film. The film is structured on a nonfiction book of the same title, authored by Nicholas Pileggi and Scorsese (for screenplay). The two previously collaborated on Goodfellas, a popular film in 1990.

21 (2008)

The next movie about gambling and casino is 21, a 2008 American drama film. This film was influenced by the real life story of the MIT Blackjack Team in Bringing Down the House’s best-selling book.

Ocean’s Eleven

A remake of the Rat Pack 1960 movie is the 2001 American film Ocean’s Eleven. This film succeeded in the box office with lots of critique reviews. Stars in the movie include George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Andy García, and Julia Roberts.

The Color Of Money (1986)

A dramatic film directed by Martin Scorsese in 1986. It is based on the novel of the same name written by Walter Tevis in 1984 by Richard Richard. The film “Paul Newman” and Tom Cruise are directed by Mary Elizabeth Mastrolando, Helen razor, John Turturro and Robbie Robertson. Show raw scores. Newman won the Oscar for Best Actor Award.

These are just a few of the films about gambling and casino above are the best films and ratings. If you are a casino game lover, then you must watch it in order to get a reference before playing Live Casino online or at the casino directly.