Online, one of the most popular and played games is Blackjack. After all, learning and playing the game is so easy and fun. Reason behind this could be that, there’s no card combination needed to be remembered unlike poker. The primary objective of playing this game is to get a sum of 2 cards as close to 21. When a player’s card adds up and is over 21, that player automatically loses the game.

Every player will be given with two cards. Once the player sees their hand, they have the following options:

  • Hit or;
  • Stand

If they choose stand, it means that the they’re closer to 21. When you feel that you need more cards to get as close to 21, then you say “hit”. Simple as that.

The player who is closest to “21” wins the game and players are permitted to draw as many cards as they needed to reach 21.

5 Tips from Pros

On the other hand, there are people who have created strategies on how they’ll get an edge with other players in the game. And some of these tips can be used in your own play.

Tip number 1. If your card is 17 or higher, then you may opt to stand. Again, if you have any number between 13 and 16 and find out that the dealer is 6 or lower, then it is preferable to stand. You should pick “hit” when the dealer’s card has 7 or more.

Tip number 2. If you have 8’s or Aces, it is a nice idea to split them regardless of what the dealer might be showing.

Tip number 3. See to it that you are not splitting tens because there is a big chance that you’ll be busted.

Tip number 4. Preferably, stand hard on 12 especially if the dealer shows 4 to 6.

Tip number 5. Fives, splitting fours and face cards are not a smart choice if you really want to win.

Still, it’s a Game of Chance

In any gambling game, there’s the possibility of winning. However, you need to understand that gambling is still a game of chance. Arming yourself with the right info helps you in gaining an advantage. And even though blackjack is called often as 21, try to reach 21 with every hand even if it seems to be an “amateur move”. You’ll likely lose the hand but according to research, the odds of reaching 21 are less than the odds of hitting more than it. Bandarqq is a nice way of practicing and playing Blackjack.