If there is something that you need to know about casino games, it is that the games are mostly based on “chance. Even players who are seated at poker tables have no idea which cards would be played next and there are a lot of poker strategies to be applied and considered before placing your bet with a weak hand. This is a very good lesson to remember when thinking any kind of strategy to apply when gambling as there is always that element of surprise.

Nonetheless, most of the experienced and seasoned players are falling into their comfort zone where they feel that they have control with regards to the result of the game they are playing. Having this kind of tendency is only another form of Gambler’s Fallacy. As a matter of fact, this is applicable as well even to those who are playing in agen bola and any other online casinos and land-based casinos.

Okay, if you wanted to gamble and wage, then why don’t you try couple of strategies that are outside your comfort zone. There are interesting things that you could do without having to sacrifice your statistical position.

Secrets You must Know when Playing in Casinos (Offline/Online)

Okay so what you have to do to minimize your losses and maximize your winning probabilities when playing in casinos? Here are few advice that came straight from the pros…

Avoid Blackjack

Blackjack gained a reputation among gamblers because not like other casino games, you can actually put some skills on the table. Pundits can tell you the house’s edge in blackjack. However, there’s problem when playing standard blackjack and it is the fact that it is not the most generous version you could play.

Play in Tourneys

This is quite a popular strategy actually. Virtually every basic strategy will tell you to test your skills in tournaments at some point. That’s due to the reason that if you only pay flat fee upfront but win tournament, the value of prize may be significantly bigger than your buy-in fee. Believe it or not, even in slots, there are tournaments held and it could be rewarding for those who landed in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

What makes tourneys so interesting is that, you could plan in advance for buy-ins. This virtually reduces gambling to a predictive gameplay. Needless to say, you might like to gamble more than what is allowed in the tournament so having to limit yourself in playing to tournaments might not always be a practical move.