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Watch Four Interesting Movies About The Lottery

The lottery seems to have captured most people’s imaginations. To successfully win the jackpot is something everybody aims for. Winning huge amounts of money are the goal of anyone buying lottery tickets online (Togel Online) or on regular lottery outlets. Winning and how to spend your winnings can be an exciting plot for a film. Here are four movies about winning the lottery so that you too can have a feel of the excitement of winning such huge amounts of money.

It Could Happen to You (1994)

Based on an amazing true story. The 1994 movie, It Can Happen To You, featuring Nicholas Cage as being a police officer in New York City and Bridget Fonda playing the role of a waitress. The couple win the lotto, shared the cash and eventually falling in love. The story was based on real events however in real life the couple didn’t really fall in love but remained to be friends and among the rich people today.

29th Street (1991)

Another true story-based film, 29th Street, is Frank Pesce Jr. (Anthony LaPaglia) shows the story of receiving a lucky gift from birth. In the film, Pesce’s had always been lucky even before his birth. He remains lucky in Queens. Hard-working but unhappy father is jealous. The story of Frank Pesce Jr. Tension escalates when he becomes the very first winner of the lottery in New York State.

Finder’s Fee (2001)

In the film directed by Jeff Probst, Tepper (played by Erik Palladino) found a wallet. He contacted the owner but found that there was a winning lottery ticket in the wallet worth millions of dollars. When Tepper’s regular poker staff comes for their game, the action increases. So if you were Tepper, what would you do knowing that you have on hand a winning lottery ticket?

If I Had a Million (1932)

This classic movie shows the story a rich businessman who have decided to grant a million dollars to 8 strangers picked randomly from a phone book. His plan is not about selflessness but he prevents his empire to fall in the hands of his family who seems to be overpowered with greed. While the winners didn’t really earn the money from the lottery, the movie exhibits how each one of the recipients made use of their new fortune and the effect it has on their lives.

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Are Hollywood Gambling Movies Portray Real Life Betting?

Hollywood has a strange fascination when it comes to gambling and it is quick to see as well. Every emotion you could ever imagine is displayed at the game be it poker, slot machine, blackjack and whatnot. Taking home a big win gives the character’s life a whole new meaning. Similarly, suffering from defeat forces them down to new challenges. Hollywood gambling movies give us different emotions from excitement, anger, heartbreak, joy and apprehension. Name it, this movie genre can definitely give it!

There are movies that are involving gambling which try to be as close to the reality as possible. Then again, there are some that are ramping up suspense by means of creating unrealistic scenes. Some of the movies are trying to portray what is actually happening in casinos in real life.

In most cases, these types of movies have taken inspiration on real-life events or biographical movies.

Occasionally, movies take ideas from Satta King and other sports betting sites to complete the scene.

Movies Representing Realities of Casino

As what mentioned earlier, there are several movies produced in Hollywood that are trying to portray realistic gambling experience. One good example to this was the 2006 James Bond movie Casino Royale.

The movie represents the game of poker very well. But given the genre of the movie, they try adding some actions and thus, the game look more exciting and thrilling even for non-poker players. In one of the sequences, the high-stakes game has culminated in one of the ridiculous hands that could ever imagined.

The game being played is actually a Texas Hold’Em and Bond is playing at the table. Several intense rounds of careless and high-stakes betting later, it is time for the showdown. The first player has a flush and then followed by full-house. Player three has turned over higher full house. Seems far-fetched but it’s not so unrealistic. This changes when Bond turns over his hand with a Royal Flush.

For those who have been playing poker for years, this is just unrealistic. It’s rare to see a Royal Flush winning a tournament. Well let alone in 4-handed final pot.

It’s One in a Million Possibilities, but it could Happen

Well regardless, this is just one of the things that could potentially happen in a real poker game and still, the movie was able to capture those intense moments and drama.

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